Thursday, April 21, 2011

♥ ♥look what my hubby got me :o)♥ ♥

Here is my New Maytag Dishwasher my Wonderful Hubby got for me. As you can see it is stainless steal and he said he wants us to replace all of our kitchen appliance with stainless. what a wonderful loving man I am blessed with. Thank you my love for all you do for me...You have always treated me like a Queen.
I love the New Dishwasher it has it controls on the top inside and can not be seen from the front of the machine. this is the nicest one we saw, so we got it.

and a New Kitchen Makeover is also coming real soon..So much going on my hubby is re finishing our Wood floors, I am busy painting, I just love when things are nice and clean and in its place. My Hubby just finished a enclosure for us in the back yard off the family room.

He gave me a beautiful new Ring and yes it is real! It is posted on my other blog this is not like him but he blew me away with my ring such a

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Lora said...

Oh you are one lucky girl :)
Forgot to mention before that I am a follower of your blog and have been for a while :)
Lora x