Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Problems with my blog ... :( I do think it is now safe and all back in order...

I have worked so very hard on my blog and somehow or someone has invaded my blog! this is very upsetting I have many pix missing and I have gone through all the trouble of reloading them and yet again they are gone! or I find broken Icons on where the photo should be.
I have no idea what to do to repair this problem I still feel very strongly that someone got in to my blog and is doing all they can to destroy it . well I am not giving up that easy so I will be making changes very soon .
I will do my best to get this all straightened out but please be patient with me it will take some time to get everything back in place again I will be doing a formal complaint with Blogger. I won't be in any more of the blog hopping for a while but I do hope you will continue to be a follower of mine I have a feeling I know who is doing this ....
Thanks for standing by me at this very hard time it is truly heart breaking that anyone could be this cruel...
I know someone has been altering my blog as I have a second on and nothing has been touched on it ... very very strange..... here is my other blog you can see for your self..
I have the most recent posts fixed. but now I have to go way back and start fixing them all again. I did notify blogger about this problem . I do hope they can find out who is doing this !!!
Thank you
~ God Bless ~


Romaine said...

How upsetting and disappointing. I hope that you are able to get things sorted and fixed.

Linda R. said...

I am so sorry to hear about your problems.. Don't give up.

Hugs, Linda