Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to our Daughter

Here is a quick card that I put together for our oldest Daughter Ginny for her 37th Birthday on Tuesday October 11th
her favorite color is any shade of purples so I used a heavy card stock in lavender I then added a stripped thinner paper for the upper part of the can then a printed lavender for the lower part of her car I put a deep purple ribbed ribbon across the center of the card and added a Bow at the top with a purple button i the center I added a lavender and then a cream paper stacked I used 2 purple hearts on either side of the Happy Birthday stamp also in Lavender.

(I added a Picture of our Beautiful Daughter Ginny)

"On the inside it reads" ~

Its Impossible to measure
just how dear
you've always been
or how precious
are the joys you've given
time and rime again..
its impossible to measure
just how much
we're wishing you
The very best thing possible
now and your whole life through

Happy Birthday

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