Monday, January 30, 2012

Mojo Monday 226 ♥ by Dottie ♥

Well here are my 2 cards I did for Mojo Monday's challenge. I have been fighting with not one but both of my cards all morning here it is after 2:00 PM and I just now finished them up. and I am not happy with either of them but I still wanted to post them in today's challenge.I think my Mojo is way off today along with my creativity. I maybe just re-doing both cards later today or maybe tomorrow I am truly not happy with them. my square card still has some hope to repairing what I can still fix I think.. but the round card that is just terrible ! not my normal work. OK fixed the square card i noticed I missed adding a piece of paper at the lower part of the card and I think it is OK now as you can see i have before and now after pix posted.
I hope you enjoy my cards, I usually enjoy creating all of them but today was not one of those good days, I am sorry for all of the imperfections and they should be much better. I will do much better next time... again thank you for visiting, and maybe even become one of my followers if your not already and I hope you come and visit again soon I love your comments so remember to leave me a comment. Have a wonderful week and I will be back next week.
this is not a good day for my cards I just noticed they Flipped and I can't get them to post correctly again, I am so sorry ... :(

` God Bless ~
♥ Hugs ♥


Romaine said...

Dottie, I especially like how feminine the round card is!

JohnVm said...

Very pretty and so soft in color and looks.