Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Woo Hoo! ♥ I just won 3rd prize in this challenge.. ♥..

A few days ago I received an email from Rochelle at Let's Make Greeting Cards and she told me that I Won 3rd prize in the Valentine Card Making Contest ! $ 25.00!
I was shocked, thrilled and honored.
You can see the winning entries HERE.

above is my winning card.
thank you again Rochelle. ♥

Thank you Rochelle: you couldn't have made my Anniversary much better... between you and my Wonderful loving hubby it has been a memorable week, now just to get past the health issues and things couldn't be better... Love you Girl and thank you once again....
congrats to the other winners as well I am very happy for all of you ! this is my 3 time winning in a challenge twice with MTME and now this .. I will continue to enter these challenges.

P.S. Happy, happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! :)
All the best,

The Card I felt should have won is not the one that did but this one .....I thought this was a really good card, the one I won with was good but I don't feel as good as this one...

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