Sunday, March 4, 2012

♥ Our 27th Anniversary ♥

I made this card for my Hubby for our "27th Anniversary"
We are very blessed ~ yes , Everyone has to work very hard full time to have a loving marriage.

Joe is the Love of my life and my best friend & I know he feels the same about me..

Over the years there are always many bumps in the roads as with every marriage, I think all the challenges just made us stronger and more in LOVE . We are Very Happy and still going strong.

We have been tested by many but we still stuck together & all their evil ways didn't work to destroy our LOVE.
~ God Bless ~

I just wanted to share with all of you. Some of you maybe going though what we did many years ago! But stay strong and don't let anyone come between you and your loved one.There are many many jealous and evil people out there don't let them win !!!

I want to thank my wonderful loving hubby for a wonderful Anniversary!! yes I would marry him all over again. We still have other plans for this Anniversary, just need to wait on some medical tests to come back. I couldn't have asked for more a wonderful dinner at Outback more goodies for my crafting, and still something very special as a joint gift for us both.
Thank you again I love you more everyday! I am so happy we didn't let those EVIL HATEFUL people come between us all those yrs ago...They don't know what they are missing your the BEST ! love you Babe....

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Romaine said...

Cry elegant, Dottie. Happy Anniversary!