Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Princess Gracie's room

We wanted to share a few Pictures of our Grand daughters room here at our House for her. I am sure all Grandparents do this for their Grandchild. Yes she is very Special ! she wanted each wall a different color so I did just that for her. One wall is Pink, One wall is Orange, One wall is Teal, and one wall is green all the colors she picked for her room, she is the Youngest of the Grandchildren & she has her Poppy's heart wrapped tight around her little finger, she wants it he gets it , When her Mom was young her room done all in Nemo every wall even the ceiling it was Beautiful ,The Lady that did all the art work in her room even painted the dresser and end table to blend in to the Nemo room, I will have to search for pix of that room it was just amazing...  all the others are now Teens 13 - 19 yrs old, Gracie is only 4 almost 5 and having a DISNEY BIRTHDAY AT DISNEY WORLD WITH THE PRINCESS We Will all be there for her.. the older kids  are busy with their friends, School and things they still come and visit lot, and they all spoil Gracie too. Hope Everyone had a safe and wonderful weekend. God Bless and thanks for Visiting.

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