Tuesday, October 9, 2012

With Hope and Prayers you will Help this young man !!!

 This is what I need for you all to do and please pass this on to everyone you know! This wonderful Brave young man gave so much for all of us here in AMERICA that it is time to give something back His aunt is a High school teacher and is asking if all you good people would please send him a card  here is the info to where it can be mailed to please today send a card for him to the attention of : 
 C/O Zephyrhills High School
 6335 12st
 Zephyrhills Fl 33542

 this card if for Tyler Jeffries
May God Bless all of our Brave Heroes 

Tyler and the family.
 this is just some of the facts that is going on now.. please take your time and read all of this info and please make sure you remember him by sending his a card through his loving Aunt Thank you all so much I know this will mean so very much to him and his family.

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update that the last we have heard from him is that he is on a plane to Germany for more intensive care. We will try our best to keep updating when we get more information. We truly appreciate all the support that is given and want to shout out a big thank you to you all!

 Some VERY VERY GOOD news to report this morning. Just talked to Tyler on the phone and he sounded GREAT!!!!!!! He was headed for surgery but he will be on the flight tomorrow coming HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOOAHHHH. Thank You ALL for the prayers, Keep them coming PLEASE.

 The surgery went well today. When they cleaned his wounds they said that his wounds looked good enough to clean every other day instead of every day. I know its a small victory but a victory nonetheless, especially when it means he will suffer less pain! Praise God for the lack of infection and that he is on the road to healing. We are all excited to see him tomorrow when he gets to Maryland!!!!

 Thank you all so much
 God Bless 

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