Friday, November 23, 2012

The day after Thanksging 2012

First I want to say what an amazing day we had yesterday with our family. our son Gary and his new Bride Molly did an Amazing dinner for us. So very much food.....  and then we went to our Daughter Jodee and had desert with her Paul, Gracie and Chris (Paul's Mom.) so here are some of the picture of yesterday .... Enjoy.WE are so very very Blessed to have such a wonderful family, our new Daughter-in-law is just amazing seems like there is nothing she can't do......and best of all Our Son is so very Happy God Bless them.. Jodee and Paul are also a Perfect match for each other. miss our girls that are not living close any more we love and miss them but we want them all to be as happy as we have been for 30 years. oh and yesterday we started our 22nd year here in Florida and my hubby is now retired  going on his 22nd yr as well his Anniversary was yesterday as well form when he first went on the police force when he was only 18 yrs old..We have so very many things to be so grateful for, I thank God everyday  for the Blessing he has given us.
I hope everyone had a wonderful and Very Happy Thanksgiving as well
 God Bless

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