Saturday, January 12, 2013

Visit my Daughter Jodee's Amazing Blog

Hello all:
I thought it would be nice for me to promote my Daughter Jodee's blog as she has spent lots of time  making it and posting. she has many things and wonderful Idea for everyone.
 If you have any questions or need her expert advice please go visit and leave her a message. 

She can see thing done before they are she has a great eye for beautiful re-models to homes or rooms you would never think could be done and she does it with in a budget. she is just Amazing. 

 So if you will be so kind go and visit Jodee @ 
a Please go and Visit my Daughter Jodee's Blog it is  just outstanding she is a home  interior decorator and very very talented I am sure you will enjoy everything she has done to date.. go visit her page and see all the changes she has made at her own home. it is 100% changed .

 this photo is taken with her Princess Gracie  and now she is expecting and just 11 weeks pregnant. Gracie is 5yrs old and her new baby will be born on her grandmothers birthday July 25th. our of respect and love of her grandmother she loves and misses so deeply.
 I know you will not be disappointed with the amazing things she can create out the smallest places.... Just click on her link and it will take your right to her blog.. so enjoy everyone .

   Thank you
   God Bless

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