Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Elephants Elephants and more Elephants ......

My Daughter Jodee and I made these cute little Stuffed Elephants for Baby "L's " crib Mobile the whole room is yellow, Light Gray and White,   Jodee Designed what she wanted and  her Dad Built it for our new little baby "L". Can't wait for our Newest Member of our Family to come she is being born on My Mom's Birthday in her Memory July 25th  Please go and Vistit Jodees Blog and you can see all the re-model from start to finish... I hope you enjoy her blog and thank you for Visiting mine.

 these sweet little elephants were so very easy to make we printed a pattern first on card stock then we used dark gray,  light gray, white, yellow,  chevron material  on the solid color were make using felt material. I  added some buttons of different sizes and styles on the ears I sewed them almost closed then Jodee stuffed each one of them ( along with Gracie's help ) and then once they were fully stuffed I finished sewing them.
 We love our Mom and Daughter Time so very much and Love doing crafty things like this together. All 3 of My Daughters loves doing special things with me.  ( I love you Ginny, Jodee and Marie xoxo)

the mobile is all finished.

This is going to look Great in Baby L's Nursery

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