Sunday, April 28, 2013

Welcome Happy Sunday

Well tomorrow will be my last challenge for the next two weeks We are going to So. jersey to see our daughter and then visit with friends and other family members. so in the mean time We had a great day yesterday and today with Marie, Sabrina and JJ. Marie brought me a early mothers day gift and two beautiful card. I will post some of the lovely pix of my card and the kids Etc. the list above the card is who is from who.... Thank You to My loving son Gary and his children Dale and Taylor and also Thank you for MY rose and lovely cards from Marie, Sabrina and JJ  (
(already was told I won't be getting anything until moms day from Jodee and Ginny : )

My Beautiful Yellow Rose bush

   Love From Marie
                                                      Love From Sabrina and Jordan
                                                        With Love from my son Gary
                                   With love from our granddaughter and grandson Taylor and Dale

                                                    Mema and Gracie swimming 4-28-13

                                                      Jordan Gracie and Sabrina 4-27-13
                                                            Gracie and cousin Sabrina
                                                       My Beautiful Princess Gracie

I love each and everyone of you always .. Love your Mom 

 Thanks for visiting 
 ~ God Bless ~

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