Friday, May 24, 2013

Woodbridge’s Original Police Cadets Reunite 48 Years Later

Woodbridge’s Original Police Cadets Reunite 48 Years Later

The four original cadets and their Chief gathered at the Reo Diner on May

In 1965, the Woodbridge Police Director Joseph Galassi created a program for young men ages 18 to 19 to become the first Police Cadets in the Township.
Nearly 48 years later, the four original cadets reunited along with their Chief at the Reo Diner in the Woodbridge on May 6.

Woodbridge High School graduates Joseph Seubert 18, Guy Nemara, 19, John Haley,19 and Wayne Collins, 18 and their Chief Anthony O’Brien who was a Lt. and a mentor to the cadets when they joined at those ages met up at the Reo on May 6 to catch up and have a great time, Seubert said.

The cadets also recreated a photo they took back in 1965.

Sebuert now residents in Florida, while the other cadets live either still in Woodbridge or the North Brunswick area.

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