Monday, September 23, 2013

I am so very very blessed my Family is just Amazing..

                                          One of My wonderful Birthday Presents From Gary and Molly

                                                              My Family
                                 front row :  Me,Landon ( My great Grand son )
                              second row: Gracie, Isabella, Taylor, Lily,  Shannon.
                     Third row: Jodee Savannah, Gary, Bubba, Dale, Sabrina,Marie and Ginny .
                                                My four wonderful kids with me
                                        My Kids ~
 Marie and Ray,  Gary and Molly Joe and I, Jodee and Paul and Ginny
                                               Wally was working in Jersey

                  Funny Picture kids fooling around Marie Gary Ginny and Jodee

                                 Ginny Holding her Niece Lily and Niece Taylor
                                       Jodee, Ginny, Maire and  Baby Lily

                                          Jodee, Paul, Lily and Gracie

My Wonderful son and daughter in law Molly gave me a great big surprise party  at their Home Friday. (For my Birthday that is on Wednesday) hey even flew my Ginny and Bella in from Jersey, Jodee and Paul, Marie and Ray and all but one of our Grandchildren were there. Here are a few Pix .. then Saturday Gary Molly my wonderful Hubby and Taylor and Dale took me to Lunch at Olive Garden then to top it all off they gave (Gary and Molly ) Gave me a New Living room set. I just love it ... I can never thank them enough !!! I love all of them so very much are just a few pix there are over 100...Will share one of the Videos Later.

... I am so "God Blessed me with My Family that is just Amazing..

 I love them all so very Much !!!!

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