Monday, October 21, 2013

Good New's

Hello all:
I will not be posting for maybe about a week I am moving my craft room to a larger room Hubby and I are switching rooms so that I have much more space. His Idea I thought !! it was great !!! boy he sure Loves me and me him I am so very Blessed with the Best Man in the world and the best Family anyone could ever ask for . I love my sister and Brother and all of their families and ours . Life is good don't need to have thousands of dollars to be happy... Money doesn't by happiness ever... Thank you again Sweetie I love you !! God gave me the best !!!
 Now I will be even more organized then I already am. Wow won't know what to do with all that room LOL. I need to paint both rooms and make them nice and fresh, ( No Hubby doesn't paint but I like to ) so like I said it will be about a week or maybe a little more. I will be back and will post some pix of my new  room once I am all set up. 
thanks for visiting.

~ God Bless ~

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