Saturday, June 21, 2014


Noting like having a loving Family and many good friends always stopping in to visit .We live on the west coast of Florida Tampabay. Our home is a 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage with a formal living room and formal dining room and a large Family room with an attached enclosure  we chose to have an above ground pool this time as it is so much easier for hubby to maintain. We have re-modeled almost the whole house  hard wood floors etc still need to remodel both bath rooms and 2 windows then we are complete. We do all of this in between us doing vacation times.  We are blessed with 13 Grand children 4 grown  kids and 2 great grand kids. and wonderful loving hubby and Sister n Brother too. God Has blessed me with so many wonderful people in our  life...This is our loving home with so much to be grateful for we are so blessed  Hubby just replace the top on the light house (red &white).  along the back wall of our home is now a full Rose Garden ..also along the whole fence line I have plants and lovely bushes that I started with just a clipping. We are at the point in our life We love not having stairs to go up and down, Our ranch is perfect for us. We don't need a big million dollar home!  We have all we could ask for right here....
I thank God Everyday

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