Thursday, September 25, 2014

Our Home Sweet Home

                                                             Guest Bath I wanted it to be girlie Girl               

    Guest bath all re modeled by my Hubby

My Joe and I are very simple type people, We can get along with most everyone.and We don't need a Home to impress anyone . We love our normal 3 bed 2 bath Ranch style home. We are not the type of people that want or need to be flashy, We both just enjoy our lives together with so much love in it .  We are together over 30 years and married 29. As long as we have each other that is all we need. We have 1 son and 3 daughters and 14 grand children and almost 3 great grand children one baby girl and we will have 2 baby boys.Joe and I are all about Our Family. they are so Important to us. God has truly Blessed us with a beautiful big family, who could ask for more .

                           Wanted to share a little bit of our lovely home here in Florida.
 Just a little bit of change for our Living room, I love our Furniture and the way the room came together..
 the pink wall is the accent Wall. the other 3 are light tan  Roses everyplace in that room.We Love our Home Hubby just remolded both bath room and my Kitchen and added a family room 6yrs ago for us .
 I love my Hubby more then anyone does know a later date will post Family room , Craft room and Guest room / Gracie's Room  when she is here.We truly Love our Home and the area we are in..and we can not forget My B-day Present from my Sister my little chi skipper and Gloria .

                                                      Master Bath Re Model by Hubby

                     Our living room, I do the painting and wall borders (Joe hates to paint)

Sofa table from our son almost 30 yrs ago
              Formal Dining room with Authentic "Mamie Eisenhower" Table cloth we have 2
Our Babies Gloria 4yrs old and Skipper about 10 weeks old he is a Chi from my sister for my B-day
Re-modeled kitchen by my wonderful Hubby he does what ever I ask for, he is the BEST !!

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