Saturday, July 9, 2011

" Club Bubba " Happy 18th Birthday "

Wow time sure did fly by our grandson is turning 18 on the 17th of this month.
he is a real country boy and loves to hunt.

I took that idea and put his card together for him.

He was nick named Bubba when he was just a little guy, and it truly fits him his real name is Gary, but due to there being 3 of them Bubba is better.

I sketched out a sign that reads "Club Bubba since way back " drew a gun on a wooden sign with some branches.

I then added a photo of a couple of deer in the woods and added that.

at the bottom of the card I added a "Happy Birthday" sign.

I hope he likes his card he is very special, and the 1st,of 9 grandchildren.

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~ God Bless ~

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Grace said...

Hi Dottie! What a clever card for your Bubba! He will love it!!! Where does time go? Our DGS is 13 now and it just seems like yesterday he was a little guy! We're now entering those teen years and I hope they go smoothly! :) Have a great weekend! You're doing great work on your cards!!!!