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4th of july tags

As a true American Tribute to our men and woman in the armed forces protecting our wonderful country, May God Bless and Keep them all safe. I made these two tag's. I would like to wish everyone a very Happy and safe 4th, We will be having our family BBQ as we do every year. over the years We have down sized the size of our BBQ's for the 4th we use to have over 100 people every year but since we are now in a smaller home and less property we don't do the huge picnics any more mostly family and close friends now. Again I hope you all have a Happy and Safe 4th. ~ God Bless ~ Hugs :) Dottie

special order cards

Here are the 5 cards that I was commissioned to create for a customer. I created a couple of wedding cards for them last month, and now they called me today and requested 5 more cards. Each one I made was for a special reason with what they had instructed me they had wanted. Each of the cards have a message in them that I printed and adhered in them . I love creating these for customers as well as for my friends and family. again thank you for stopping by and as always I would love a comment, please become a follower. ~ God Bless ~ Hugs :o) Dottie