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Happy Birthday Niece

I made this card for our Niece in New Jersey. her Birthday is 2 days after mine in September. I took my bazzill light blue paper and also a printed blue and white paper plus a white paper, I stacked it, I used my MS punch for the butter fly's and then used my marvy fence punch and put ribbon through it, it happens that I had ribbon that matched the printed paper perfectly in design. I also used another one of MS punched around the bottom and sides of the white paper I used. I added some pearl drops on each of the centers of my Butterfly's and also on the the diamond point of the printed paper.I also put 2 white buttons on the ribbon coming down on the left side of the paper. I do hope you enjoy this card as much I as I did creating it. I want to thank you for visiting I would love you to leave me a comment and maybe even become a follower? friend. on my blog. I do hope you will come and visit again soon. ~ God Bless ~ Hugs :) Dottie

Don't get ripped off

Hi Everyone: please go and Visit Donalda and her wonderful blog, Please leave her a message she is real upset about getting ripped off from companies that you order craft things from and the charge such high prices for shipping please support her and put this badge up on your blog too. you can visit Donalda @ thanks for visiting and do visit again soon.I love your comments and also would love to have you become one of my followers/friends... ~ God Bless ~ Hugs:o) Dottie

Good News I think

Hi All: Well I think I have the problem fixed I changed my pass word, and re-loaded a lot of things I am glad I had some of the things saved. So I am hoping that I will now get back to designing some new cards. So maybe over this weekend I will get started. In the mean time My kitchen is going to be getting a make over I can't wait to see the finished product. when it is done I will post pix of my all new kitchen.... Thank you for stopping by for a visit and I hope you come again soon. I would love your comments and also would love you to become a follower if your not already. ~ God Bless ~ Hugs :O) Dottie

Problems with my blog ... :( I do think it is now safe and all back in order...

I have worked so very hard on my blog and somehow or someone has invaded my blog! this is very upsetting I have many pix missing and I have gone through all the trouble of reloading them and yet again they are gone! or I find broken Icons on where the photo should be. I have no idea what to do to repair this problem I still feel very strongly that someone got in to my blog and is doing all they can to destroy it . well I am not giving up that easy so I will be making changes very soon . I will do my best to get this all straightened out but please be patient with me it will take some time to get everything back in place again I will be doing a formal complaint with Blogger. I won't be in any more of the blog hopping for a while but I do hope you will continue to be a follower of mine I have a feeling I know who is doing this .... Thanks for standing by me at this very hard time it is truly heart breaking that anyone could be this cruel... I know someone has been altering my

SPELLBINDERS Compatibility Chart

SPELLBINDERS Compatibility Chart WELCOME: I thought this may help many of us that were not sure about the Spellbinder and other machines we already might have. This will answer all those questions about what Machines are Compatible, I hope this help everyone ..... Spellbinders dies are designed around the Wizard Embossing & Die Cutting Machine. However, they do have compatibility with other systems. Please be advised that Spellbinders two-year Warranty on Spellbinders dies may be voided by using the dies in other systems. Spellbinders makes no guarantees about the cutting or embossing quality of any system other than the Wizard Cutting Machine. Please check the warranty on your die-cutting system before using Spellbinders dies with it. Spellbinders is not responsible for any damage incurred by using Spellbinders dies with other systems. Okay having said that here below are instructions for die-cutting machines out there on the market! CLICK ON LINK IF YOU NEED TO SEE