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My New Kitchen make over in progress...

As you can see my Kitchen is under construction the red kitchen is the old the white is the new here are some pix to give you a idea what We are doing . I am very Blessed to have a Hubby that can do all these wonderful thing for me. all the old border is now gone along with the apples, and now I am waiting for the new paper to be delivered and then I will be putting that up all of what needs to be painted is all done . and you can see most of the cabinets are complete. the counters will be put in place next week too. When it is all done, I will post the picture of the Kitchen complete.. then the next project is the main bath will also be getting a make over and there are more things that we will be doing to make it exactly how we want it... thanks for stopping I will be back making card and things when this project is all finished in just a few more days... UPDATE (8-19-11) ~ I JUST FOUND OUT THE WALL PAPER AND BORDER WILL BE HERE MONDAY 1 SO MY KITCHEN SHOULD BE FINISHED B


So many have asked about this so I am posting it again so everyone can copy and keep it for their record. I hope this helps .. ~ God Bless ~ Hugs Dottie Capabilities This machine is capable of cutting and embossing any Spellbinders Die. You will need Spellbinders two Tan Embossing Mats to cut and emboss. (Click here to purchase the tan embossing mat) Cutting Sandwich – (Stack from bottom up) 1. Large platform with all tabs closed 2. Spellbinders Die with ridges, or cutting side up 3. Paper or cardstock 4. Two Big Shot acrylic mats 5. Run through Big Shot machine to die cut Embossing Sandwich- (Stack from bottom up) * Remove acrylic mats for embossing sandwich 1. Spellbinders die face up with die cuts still in the die 2. TWO Spellbinders Tan Embossing Mats 3. With one piece of 12×6″ cardstock, tri-fold for a shim and place on top 4. ONE Big Shot acrylic plate 5. Run through the Big Shot machine * NOTE: This Sandwich combination used to cut and emboss Spellbinders