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♥Princess Gracie's Room at our house ♥

Hi all : Just wanted to share with you what I have been doing in our house for the past few days. Our granddaughter Gracie asked if I would paint her room that we have for her when she comes to visit with us for a few days. well here is what I did the comforter set is from our Friends Karen and Chris and the green curtains too. Gracie tells everyone that Karen is her BFF. she is such a sweet little girl and we love her so much. well just wanted to share it with all of you now it is time to go and get our Sweet and perfect Princess. ~ God Bless ~ ♥ Hugs ♥ Last night I couldn't sleep so I took this piece I had for the bath room and altered it for Gracie's room so she can hang her things on it .. I think it turned out pretty good from what I had to work with .....

Sweet ♥ heart

Hello All: I am posting this card to another blog challenge,"I BREAK FOR CHALLENGES" this is a New Blog that I am following, and hoping that more people will come and visit and become my followers. I took this Hot pink open card stock from Michaels with the raised dots on it I added some pretty Red & Pink polka dot Ribbon I added the white doilie a ticket and some hearts and a Key I raised the heart to 3D . I hope you enjoy this card as much as I enjoyed creating it. I also submitted to the new challenge over at MTME # 43 Thank you for visiting I hope you will leave me a comment and maybe become my follower. ~ God Bless ~ ♥ Hugs ♥

♥ Pretty Palette # 42 ♥

these are the colors needed for this Pretty Palette Challenge. Light Blues ~ Coral ~ Indigo. here is my card for this challenge, I used the colors required. I took time thinking about how to design it this time. as I was not sure about the color INDIGO, some say it is in the purple or dark blue family when others say it is more of a deep teal. so I went with what I felt was correct. and this is what I did with my card and its design. I do hope you enjoy it, it was fun designing it. with Valentines ♥ day coming in just about 5 weeks from now I wanted to use my heart stamp. using my perfect pearls I dusted my heart with it and I think it made it look so pretty. thank you for visiting. I love your comments and would like very much for you to be my follower. ~ God Bless ~ ♥ Hugs :o)♥ I would also Like to shout out to the Ladies from MTME and say thank you once again for choosing my card and this lovely quick note you wrote "Our winner this week and our Pretty Palette month