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"Happy 5th Birthday Gracie"

  This is where Gracie will be going to get her out fit and her hair done as a Princess in the Market Place at Disney World Orlando Sorry I have been MIA but so much going on with Family and Friends in NJ and  NY the Northeast took a real bad hit two weeks in a row first Sandy then a Snow storm our prayers go out to everyone effected, there are so many homeless right now and they are NOT getting the help they need. food, heat & places to live Etc. We are sending many many prayers to everyone up there God Bless and try and keep strong. We lost my Cousin last night only 54 yrs old. RIP Holly Ann.  Now on to my card this is just a Special card I made for our Granddaughter Gracie  as you all know about her from  past posts.she is just one of our very special and much loved grandchildren. Supplies: Card stock by STAMPIN' UP!   deep pink & lime green, Disney paper from my stash with mickey in all colors on it. Spellbinder die cutting machi