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No new post for a couple of more weeks

am sorry to say but due to my surgery , I will not be doing any challenges for 2 or 3 more weeks .   My  recovery is going very slow.  I had hoped to be back doing much more by now but as per my Dr. he feels I need to still just rest. My Husband and family have been amazing and have been such a great help. I also just learned today that next Monday (7-22-13) our Daughter Jodee will be having our newest Grand daughter. As soon as we can we will be posting new pix of baby, Mommy, Daddy and big sister Gracie and big brother Jordan .  I will be back when I am feeling better.and can not wait to get busy again getting busy with the challanges again. Thank you for visiting and following what is going on . Thank you for the kind word and prayers... We can't wait for baby L to be born when we finally get to post pix of the baby that is when I can reveal her name... ~God Bless~    Hugs  Dottie