Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Head is spinning.....

First I want to thank every one for all their prayers for our beautiful Ginny. this morning She went through a mastectomy on her right breast. she is doing  well!! Our Ginny is in Green with her Two sisters..

As everyone knows we are in the process of packing our house to move to our New Home in Zephryhills Florida 2080 sq ft . it is beautiful it is in a country club gated community, and many wonderful things to do.  Hubby is even going to try to start golfing once again, it has been some time since his leg surgeries but he really wants to try. Ill be busy getting my craft room set back up and in place. and the home as well.

Thank you all for allowing me to ramble on and on.
          God Bless
 and again thank you for all the prayers.
          with love

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