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♥ ♥A Priceless Mothers day card♥ ♥

This card is priceless my 3yr Old Grand Daughter made this sweet card for her Mom. she loves to come into my craft room and make things. She is such a sweet loving little girl. She picked out all the things she wanted to use for her Mom's card, I helped her with the die cuts, she used my sizzix machine all by her self, and then I helped her use my quick borders craft punch. she put the ribbon through and glued everything in place. and then used my stamp and put it on the paper she picked out for her Mom.I know this will be a life time keepsake for her Mommy ( Jodee). I hope you all liked Gracie's design and all her work she put into this card for her Mommy. thank you for visiting and do visit again soon, please leave a comment.I will make sure I read them to Gracie.. ~ God Bless ~ ♥ ♥ Hugs :o)♥ ♥ Dottie

♥ ♥ Happy Mothers Day Cousin ♥ ♥

a Little card for our Cousin that means so much her favorite color is blue so I naturally made her a blue card. I used a light blue and white flowered paper and added 2 blue brads and a white piece of cad stock and used my quick Borders craft punch with the Bubble border shape. I then added blue and whit polka dotted flower and a thin baby blue ribbon( Bow). I hope you enjoy this card as always I do enjoy creating them along with all my paper crafts and altering of things I make. Thank you for Visiting and do visit again soon, and I would love your comments. ~ God Bless ~ ♥ ♥ Hugs:o)♥ ♥ Dottie

♥ ♥ Altered Blue box ♥ ♥

Here is a little altered Box that I made for My Marie, her favorite colors are blue in all shades. So I took this little box and I altered it with papers for her I knew she would like, I added some ribbon and a blue flower to put on top. I also added a polka dot ribbon along the very bottom of the little box to match the paper I put on top. I hope you like this little box too . I have enjoyed making them for my Girls. Thank you for visiting and I hope you visit again real soon do leave a comment and Maybe you will become a follower of mine too. ~ God Bless ~ ♥ ♥ Hugs:o)♥ ♥ Dottie

♥ ♥a little altered Purple and lavender box♥ ♥

Here is a matching little Jewelry box I made for my Ginny, I made one for all 3 of my girls. each of witch is in their favorite colors. My Ginny loves purple and lavender, so I took this little box and I altered it so that It would be in her favorite colors I added some purple and white ribbon to the top along with a lavender and cream flower. I hope you enjoy this and thank you for Visiting, I hope you will visit again soon and maybe even become a follower of mine.I love getting comments about the things I make so Please leave me a comment. ~ God Bless ~ ♥ ♥ Hugs:o)♥ ♥ Dottie

♥ ♥Happy Mothers day to my Daughter♥ ♥

Happy Mothers day to my sweet Daughter: I have 3 beautiful Daughters, and Yes I made cards for all of them, as they are each so very special. This card I am posting is for my Ginny she loves Purple, lavender and anything in between, She is very blessed with a wonderful man in her life and 2 beautiful children and son 15 yrs old and a daughter 5 yrs old. now on to the card I used lavender and purples to create this card for her I added doilies and some purple ribbon then attached a lovely lavender flower. I stamped it with a Purple ink that reads Happy Mother's day. I enjoyed making this card for her just to remind her what a fabulous Mom she is. I also Posted the inside of the card for you all to see. Thank you for visiting and I hope you will leave me a comment and maybe even become a follower of mine.. ~ God Bless ~ ♥ ♥ Hugs :O)♥ ♥ Dottie

♥ ♥ little Altered Jewerly box ♥ ♥

I made this little altered Jewelry box for our Daughter Jodee to match her New Room, I found this very close print made by Cosette Collection, I used a pretty gray and cream colored flower for the top by Boutique Fleur ( Recollections) along with lime green and black ribbon. I love to make these they are fun to design I will be posting another one of these very soon. I hope you enjoyed it . and thank you for your visiting and do visit again. ~ God Bless ~ ♥ ♥ Hugs :o)♥ ♥ Dottie