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Welcome to All Wrapped Up!

HOME - ABOUT - PAYMENT METHODS - CONTACT ANTIPASTO - EASY COOKING - ADVANCED COOKING Welcome to All Wrapped Up! Have you ever received a great-looking gift basket, opened it with excited anticipation then scratched your head trying to figure out how to use some of the contents? Ever place these items in your pantry because they were a gift from a valued friend or acquaintance only to have them go unused for months or even years? Have you ever rediscovered items like this in the back of a pantry shelf only to find that they are past date code, taking up valuable space, and you are tired of looking at them so you toss them out? What a waste! Our research shows this is a common problem. At All Wrapped Up! we solve this problem by filling our gift baskets with great Imported Italian Specialty Food items and a RECIPE explaining how to prepare a delicious dish or full meal with what's inside. No one will ever say, "Oh, what wi